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Madonna Has a Kiki -Madonna vs. Scissor Sisters

What was once just gay has gone over the rainbow to GAY. Werk! ;)


Raja was so The Queen for all of Season Three. 

Raja is fierce, but I think Sharon Needles would smoke that fish right off the runway.

Andrew Christian Uncensored - Jockstrap Cowboys

IMO, not my fav AC vid. Too many twinks and not enough diversity. Also, the song kinda sucks. Posting cuz I know some of you may like it…and I do like a nice jockstrap. NSFW, btw.


Real Life OTP’s
Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka
“He’s my lifeline, in an amazing way. Without him, I can’t breathe.” - David


Cute boys and their dogs, from Indianapolis Pet Pride.

Guys and dogs…I love it! Cuteness.


I’ve often said that liberals are too nice to bigots, especially on TV. Which is why my soul cried tears of joy during The Young Turks yesterday, when Cenk Uygur went after this homophobe (who’s the director of the Family Policy Institute). Unsurprisingly, Cracker von Patriarch’s squinty-eyed incarnation here has no answer to questions like “So what about single parents?” and “You know the Bible doesn’t define marriage as a man and a woman, right?”

I’m gonna get political for a moment to reblog this. I just love seeing a Homophobe painted into a corner. You can practically HEAR the Homophobe’s wheels turning in his head when asked a direct, logical question and all he can do is stumble and repeat sound bites fed to him by Fox News. Allow me to repeat a sound bite…IF YOU DON’T LIKE GAY MARRIAGE, THEN DON’T HAVE ONE!


I saw this movie yesterday and I loved it

so I checked out “Edge of Seventeen” tag, scrolled past a million Stivie Nicks posts, and found only a few posts about this film

really, I feel like I’m the only person in the world, who loves unpopular gay themed films

No, ur not the only one who has seen this amazing movie. I felt like I was watching my life story when I saw this years ago. A MUST SEE for every confused & lonely gay kid!

Gay Days Weekend!!!

This weekend is Gay Days in Orlando, the gayest city in Florida…and I guess Las Vegas, but I digress. The original, often duplicated, fabulousness will descend upon our fair city promising to bring over 200,000 family members here. C’mon down!

I’m excited! I’m NOT doing Disney…I hate huge crowds and I grew up going to Disney anyway…been there, done that. BUT, I’m going to the World Famous P-House (pictured below) to celebrate, watch the Drag Races, and party with some hot porn stars (maybe I’ll just ogle at them a bit)…so be sure to look for me if u go! I’ll be attached to my Puerto Rican Dream…so don’t get fresh! ;)



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