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Corey Cann

So over Andrew Christian’s videos

Feels good to unsubscribe from Andrew Christian’s schlock newsletter. Talk about losing interest big time. I’ve seen enough lily white, primped, pretty twinks to last me a lifetime. And no, including one latino guy in your videos does not mean you are diverse.

(Source: uncuts)

Andrew Christian - Field Trip (Uncensored)

Happy Friday! Here’s a happy dude in underwear. :)

(Source: uncuts)

Those AC boys are so adorbs.



The cute boys of Andrew Christian get political for a minute.

Andrew Christian Uncensored - Jockstrap Cowboys

IMO, not my fav AC vid. Too many twinks and not enough diversity. Also, the song kinda sucks. Posting cuz I know some of you may like it…and I do like a nice jockstrap. NSFW, btw.

I highly enjoy the sausage fest that is in Andrew Christian videos. NSFW!

Andrew Christian - Tag Me (Uncensored)

Oh my dear sweet baby jeezus…I just came a little.


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